Core Orientation Tools

Well Force provides a range of equipment suitable for completing core orientation, including both electronic and mechanical and front and back end options.

Back End Mechanical Core Orientation Tool

Possibly the simplest core orientation tool available, the tool attaches to the back end of the inner tube and uses three indicator balls to mark the bottom side of the hole via gravity.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic system, no resetting or calibration is required
  • Provides three independent readings for audit purposes
  • Able to withstand high speed descents

Back End Digital Core Orientation Tools

Highly accurate core orientation systems, with a unique sequence logic to prevent the recording of incorrect data and to eliminate operator error. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Patented rapid descent system reduces time to recover core
  • Controller displays data collected via time stamping technology
  • Data results cannot be manipulated, and can therefore be used for auditing and QAQC purposes
  • Easy to use, core samples are easily matched with orientation data using a spirit level jig, and top or bottom
  • Robust construction to withstand downhole conditions

Front End Mechanical Orientation Tool

The world’s first permanently auditable core orientation tool, it uses a series of pins to take an impression of the footprint of the unbroken core break, before retracting into a shroud for protection.  Three orientation balls use gravity to rest on the bottom of the borehole, where they are locked into place.

Features & Benefits:

  • Saves time on site as requires no calibration
  • Provides audit capability into the future via the block of orientation pins remaining permanently in core trays
  • Easy to use and maintain for improved productivity

Vertical Orientation Tool

Ideal in vertical bore hole applications, this tool provides a mechanical core “footprint” of the undrilled core break via a series of pins, combined with a survey instrument reading, providing accurate core orientation to magnetic north. Centralisers at the top and bottom of the unit ensure it is absolutely central prior to taking the survey.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly accurate surveys in vertical bore holes
  • Full survey capability in built, including azimuth, dip, gravity roll, magnetic dip, magnetic intensity, enabling orientation on angled holes also
  • Single and multi-shot survey capability
  • Provides audit capability into the future via the block of orientation pins remaining permanently in core trays
  • Automatic self-centring for accurate survey results